Here we go again!


Dear Hillary,

You have probably heard this hundreds of times and may be able to help me in this problem I have.  On a trip to Pattaya I fell in love with a most beautiful girl from a bar and against all the advice given by “old hands” I gave her money to set her up in a house, which had to be in her name as it could not be done in mine.  I felt we had the makings of a perfect match and she was so attentive to me I could not believe my luck.  I had to do everything quickly as I was only here for two weeks.  At the first opportunity to return for a quick trip I went to surprise her and found out that she was living in my house with some Swedish guy and had been for some time!  Should I ask her to return the money?  Or ask him to return the money?  I feel totally cheated and I think it will be some time before I fall in love again, especially with a Thai girl.

Charlie the Chump

Dear Charlie the Chump,

You must really stop and take this opportunity to decide just who cheated who, here.  You were here for three weeks and bought some girl you did not really know, a house?  Is this reasonable behavior?  Is this rational behavior?  You threw your money away, my Petal.  She did not rob you – you robbed yourself.  Next time, think twice, or in your case, think two hundred times.  Perhaps you might even listen to the old hands too.  Sorry, Charlie, but you had it coming.