It’s Hello Sexy Man again


Dear Hillary,

Why is it when I sit down at a bar a girl will come up and ask me what is my name, where do I come from, whether I am here on holiday, where I am staying, whether I am married and how many children I have, and how much money do I have? This list of questions seems to be the same, no matter which bar I drink in. Do these girls go to some “Bar Girl School” or what? Surely there must be other ways of striking up conversations?

Puzzled Pete

Dear Puzzled Pete,

What would you prefer, Pete my petal, the girl say “Khun choo arai?” You have to remember your bar room companion is having to speak to you in a foreign language. How many “set phrases” do you also speak in foreign languages, like “Khun mee Singha, Khrap?” It is the same for the girls. They pick up some set phrases and go from there, and honestly, finding out your name, marital status, job situation, location, dependents and bank account details isn’t such a bad way to look at whether the relationship has a future or otherwise, is it? Let’s not waste time – let’s find out in the first five minutes. They are only doing their job as best they can. Perhaps you are right and there should be a Bar Girl School of English and Deportment. Or perhaps you have been watching too many re-runs of My Fair Lady. Remember there are plenty of other places you can drink without company PP, if it really annoys you. Take home a bottle of Chang. Pattaya has more than a few bars, you know. Well there was last time I looked. And I almost forgot, there is a handy pocket-sized book called English for Bar Girls. Available at the next pub near you!

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