Breakfast with Automania


Where is the best breakfast in Pattaya? In my opinion it is the Casa Pascal BBQ breakfast buffet (which actually goes right through to lunch as well). The scope of Pascal’s breakfast defies description and currently there are over 50 items on offer covering bakery and pastry, dedicated breakfast items like waffles, pancakes and cereals and yoghurts, cold delicacies with smoked herring (from Pascal’s own smoker), pickled fish, ham, salami, pepper ham and mushroom, ham, cheese and several salads, many salad bar items, and the BBQ Grill on the terrace with bacon, ham, sausages, chicken and pork steaks, the egg station, hot dishes including two soups, one Asian and one Western, poultry, fish, pasta, hash browns (roesti) even baked beans. If you can fit it in, there are also desserts with caramel custard and the Oh so British Bread and Butter pudding amongst others.

This BBQ breakfast can be yours at no charge with a voucher from Automania for being the first correct answer (Pattaya residents only I am afraid.)

How much does all this cost with no voucher? B. 235 plus 7 percent VAT, and this is for an all you can eat deal, making this a fantastic bargain. Quite honestly it is almost impossible to beat these breakfast and lunch offers, and while you are there, take a look at the a la carte menu which will surprise you with its very reasonable prices (and you can also eat a la carte during the buffets if you wish). Casa Pascal has always been one of our favorites, and comes Highly Recommended by the entire Automania Gerry-at-Rix Racing Team. Meet us there for breakfast one morning.