Hating Songkran


Dear Hillary,

Did you go away for Songkran, or did you have to suffer the idiots with the squirt guns?  I thought the guns made from water pipe were supposed to be banned?  It was a mistake coming over at that time, something we will never do again.  Lager louts with a license to shoot, it seemed like.  Elderly, motor cycle riders, people in business outfits – it made no difference.  The brainless idiots are laughing and screaming when someone else is soaked, or falls off their motorcycle after being hit in the face with ice water.  We like Pattaya, but never again during Songkran, until those in power grab the nettle and legislate.


Dear James,

The excesses of Songkran put everyone off, other than those tourists who are naturally aggressive, but have no place to display it in their own countries.  So I suppose, in a way, it could be considered therapeutic.  I did not manage to get away, but I did stay indoors and ate pizzas (because they can slip those under the door, so you don’t get caught with a bucket in the face).  It seems that nobody in power is willing to grasp the nettle as you say, and restrict the festival to one day, and the same day, throughout the country.  Think how the death rates would fall.