Girl friend or mother?


Dear Hillary,

My Thai GF used to be very sexy in the way she dressed, but recently she has been buying very dowdy clothes, more for a 50 year old, not a 25 year old. I liked how she was, but I think that after moving in, she now wants to be the mother of the house. I don’t need mothering, Hillary, I need the stimulation. How do I get the message through?



Dear John,

(I love writing “Dear John” letters!) But what are you going to do, John? I get the feeling that you are much older than your GF and you are expecting her to make you young again. On the other hand she is trying to be the partner to an older man, so she is dressing older. The only way around this problem is for you to communicate what it is that you want. How good is your GF with understanding English? Maybe you need a third person with good language skills to explain it to your GF. Either that or set fire to her old lady dresses!

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