A “decent” farang speaks out


Dear Hillary,

I’m really incensed by Art’s letter and your condoning response to it; he’s the type of ‘farang’ who gives us decent ones a lousy name. He doesn’t say why his long time GF left; she probably caught him at it with anything with a pulse. I think he should be chemically castrated for blatantly messing around with people’s emotions; he’s a GS/B/AH. And if trying to figure out what these initials stand for gives you brain strain Hillary, it serves you right for being so lax with him. Some of us older farangs would be grateful for the attentions of one decent woman, let alone three.

Roy Orbison Tribute Artiste


Dear Tribute Roy,

I really don’t know why you are pouring vitriol on my head. Just how do you make bar girls “decent” women? If you are just after any female, go to any bar and you will get as much attention as you would ever want. Mind you, you will pay for it. That’s why Art called them “professional” ladies. I don’t think I condoned the chap at all, Petal. I told him to run! Correct? However, I am amazed that a Big O tribute artist you have any time to be frequenting the same bars as Art.


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