Getting un-chained


Dear Hillary,

I have just had my 1 baht gold chain torn from my neck as I was riding my motorcycle along Beach Road.  I fell off as they yanked and broke it, and they just scooted away.  Nobody stopped them and I think the passers by just thought I was drunk and fell off.  Nobody got the number plate of the bike they were on, either.  I went to file a report with the police, but there’s not much hope of getting it back.  The police said they thought it was part of an organized gang, but that doesn’t do anything for me either.  Does this go on all the time?  Not good for tourism, I tell you.  I’m not coming back.


Dear Pete,

Sorry to hear of your loss, Petal, but tourists are warned not to display wealth in a flashy way.  The robbers must have spotted your gold chain being worn outside your shirt, to know that you were an easy target.  I am not trying to put the blame on anyone, but there are certain dangers in all tourist resort cities throughout the world, and that is why there are these types of robberies going on.  Please don’t let it spoil your holiday, but just put it down to experience, which will stand you in good stead anywhere in the world at a later stage.