Freewheeling Pattaya


Dear Hillary,

Money problems seem to be the story this week. A Skandi loses 787 million on BitCoin. How much money do you have rolling around without a home piggy bank to put it in? Relax, I can help you and lighten the load. Those thousand baht notes can get quite heavy. Especially when there’s a few hundred thousand up for grabs. A few hundred thousands has more buying power than the warm feelings that “love” will bring you. You want some wise words on how to live in Pattaya? No problem, just stay indoors, don’t answer the door bell, don’t drive your car (if the police don’t get you, then the motorcycles will) and don’t walk on the footpaths during the day, and finally don’t walk on the footpaths at night. Other than those small restrictions, Pattaya is still the freewheeling city it always was.


Dear George,

That’s not Soros is it? Sorry, my Petal, I don’t understand BitCoin or Block Chains or this strange thing called ‘Cryptocurrency’. I just wish I could find these hundreds of thousands of Thai Baht to stuff in the piggy bank, but being an Agony Aunt isn’t a money tree. Not even a sapling.