Buy me how


Dear Hillary,

This query comes from a farang thinking about buying a house and land up country. I know it’s supposed to be impossible, but my lawyer says it can be done through a company. My GF could hold the majority of the Thai shares and if I have 49 percent then between us we can have the majority. My GF suggested that this is how to get around the 49/51 split. I am looking at a place up-country in the GF’s village, and she says that her parents know the lawyer and the local authorities and it will all go smoothly. Does all this sound OK to you, Hillary?


Dear James,

On one side is the newbie and on the other are the GF, the GF’s parents, the GF’s village and the lawyer and local authorities. You are running head first into a trap my Petal. Your 49 percent is nowhere near worthwhile against the other side which is stacked against you. Buy some running shoes, of which you can own 100 percent, and get out of there now.