Finding a ‘good’ bar girl


Dear Hillary,

I’ve heard such terrible reports of what these bar girls are like (eat you up and spit you out with the seeds was one report I read), that I’m too afraid to have anything to do with them, though I would really like to have a girl’s company when I come over for two weeks in October. How do you pick a good one from the bad ones?


Dear Oliver,

There is no simple go/no go test for bar girls I’m afraid. However, to make the minefield less dangerous, you should always remember that they are ‘working’ girls. Being a bar girl is what they work at to make their money, and that money comes out of your pocket. That is why they call you an ATM. But it isn’t all bad, my Petal. Keep a good hold on your wallet and you are ahead of the game. Like tipping in a restaurant – if you think you’ve had good service, then tip accordingly. If your lady from the bar is giving you a good service, then tip accordingly.

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