Decisions! Decisions!


Dear Hillary,

I’ve got two ladies on the go. One is a stunner but no hanky panky. The other is sensational between the sheets, but very plain. They don’t know about each other, but both are trying to tie me down. What do you think, Hillary? Which one should I settle down with?



Dear Eric,

Don’t rush into making up your mind. Wait until you are a little older and more mature. About 10 years should do it! In the meantime let them both go, that’s a good boy.


Dear Hillary,

Are any of these dating services any good, or are they just a money making have? I see some actually advertise no fees, but I’m not wet behind the ears, they must be getting money somewhere along the way. And are the girls for real?



Dear Jerry,

Busy looking are we? You are correct that the people who run these agencies have to make some baht out of it somewhere, and it is usually that you can look for free, but to establish a two way communication will require a fee of some type. Are the girls (most are ladies) genuine? Yes, I believe so, but I am told some of them don’t look the same in person! You could enter the legal field of ‘Caveat Emptor’ (let the buyer beware) and I asked my friendly lawyer next door and he said that the legal premise is that the buyer buys at his/her own risk and therefore should examine and test a product himself/herself for obvious defects and imperfections. Caveat emptor still applies even if the purchase is “as is” or when a defect is obvious upon reasonable inspection before purchase. How you “test” the product from the dating agency leaves much to the imagination!