Everything costs money in Pattaya


Dear Hillary,

I’ve met a real honey. A happy bouncy woman (at 39 she’s too old to be called a ‘girl’) and I have found myself becoming very attracted to her. Here’s my problem, if she stays overnight, should I give her some money or not? She doesn’t work in a bar, never worked in a bar (not even as ‘cashier’), has her own little shop, but I’m sure it doesn’t bring in big licks. Is it expected that I give her some money? Up till now I have been paying her, and she gratefully accepts the two thousand, but what do I do if she moves in? Sorry, but I’m new at this.



Dear Gordy,

A rather wise expat once told me that he pays the girl in the morning, for her to go away, not for having stayed. Now think about that in your circumstance, my Petal. I suggest you stop paying for the overnighters, and start paying for her company instead. No fixed rate for this kind of relationship, but I would ask her what she wants and take it from there. Sensible numbers means a sensible woman, silly numbers means an opportunist. Be guided by that. Best of luck, Petal.