Different strokes for different folks


Dear Hillary,

I know you’ve had quite a few guys writing in with GF problems. I just want everyone to read this and remember that these Thai women work on a different set of rules to us Europeans. Where we honor honesty in everything, including relationships, the local women are also “honest” but only to what they are thinking at the time. So they can say they will meet you at 3, that doesn’t mean they will be there at that time, because of, because of, because of, but rather than tell you why because you wouldn’t understand, they make up some fanciful story which then becomes “honesty”. They work on if you say the same story over and over, it becomes the truth. Different strokes for different folks!



Dear Walter,

Congratulations! You have discovered the secret of life in SE Asia. They are different strokes, and the sooner some of the foreigners accept this, the better off they will be. Some Westerners consider the Thai girls to be like children, because they laugh a lot and can ignore some things that the Westerners consider important – like time keeping, for example. However, those “children” can run rings around westerners in critical thinking and determining what is ‘really’ important and what is not. Learn to accept the different cultures, and do not forget that this country is called Thailand, not Farangland. Sorry.