Driving Miss Daisy?


Dear Hillary,

This request for information may sound kinda silly, but for me it’s a big thing right now. Hubby and I have only been here a short time (he’s on an 18 month contract), so I am a bit at sea getting around. Hubby has a car and driver with this job, and the driver takes me around too, shopping and such. I have just joined a couple of clubs and organizations and know that soon I will need to go all over town and want to do this by myself. Hubby says I’m loco as that’s what the driver is there for, but I value my independence too. Another point – is it safe for women to drive here? Do you drive?

Daisy Driver


Dear Daisy Driver,

To begin at the end, do I drive? Yes, but I’ve been driving here for many years. Your other point, is it safe for women to drive here? The correct answer is that it is just as safe for women as it is for men. It is just as dangerous for both. Motorcycles don’t care what the driver’s sex is. I know what I’d rather do. It’s the back seat for me and the front seat for the chauffeur, Petal. Think about it. You are here for 18 months – how often have you had your own driver? I’d sit back and enjoy and let Jeeves face the traffic.