Autotrivia quiz


Last week I asked what is this car? From a famous manufacturer and still one of the biggest OEMs today. It was a T model Ford, modified by Frontenac. Among the most successful Model T racers were those produced under the brand name of Frontenac, operated by three brothers whose first names were Arthur, Louis and Gaston, and a last name very familiar to the automotive world, Chevrolet. While most of the “Fronty” conversions were seen on dirt tracks, in 1923, L.L. Corum took a 5th place finish at that year’s Indianapolis 500, bested only by a quartet of powerful Miller eight-cylinder cars.

So to this week. One automaker received more than 140,000 suggestions for the name of its new model. The person who sent in the winning entry was given a new one as his prize, so with that incentive, there is no surprise that so many entered. Names which did not win included Pizza, Sputnik, Panther and Al Capone. Who was the winner? (Not what, but who?)

For the Automania free beer this week, be the first correct answer to email [email protected] or [email protected]. Good luck!

Quiz Car.
Quiz Car.