Desserts with dinner


Desserts with dinner

Dear Hillary,

I have found recently that I have become very attracted to a waitress in our favorite restaurant.  We go there every Friday night and I am sure she stands closer to me than she needs to, brushes the back of my arm when she serves me, and is always smiling and very attentive.  It is really giving me much heartache.  How do I find out if she really does find me attractive too?  Obviously I cannot ask my husband about this, but I need to know before planning the next move.  I should add that I am 40 years of age (but look younger) and I have never done anything like this before.


Dear Claudia,

A waitress smiles at you and here you are “planning the next move.”  A “move” that is nothing like anything you’ve done before.  Oh my poor Petal!  Don’t you realize that service people are trained to smile and give personal attention to the guests?  That is their job.  The good ones will always make you feel special, but you should not take that beaming smile to mean “How’s about a quick bit of what’s your fancy behind the desserts fridge?”  You are eager to experiment I can see, but the place to do this is not in your favorite restaurant, Petal.  That’s not heartache you’re experiencing, it’s lust.  I suggest you look to the alternative relaxation places, rather than risk embarrassing yourself and your husband in an eating place, which is quite different from a meeting place.