A dinner date?


Dear Hillary,

My girlfriend works in a shopping center and gets off around 11 p.m. most nights.  The relationship is in the early stages, and we are not living together or anything like that.  She says it is difficult for her to get time off in the evenings, as this is when the center is most busy, so this means I have to go to meetings and functions, dinners and the like all on my own.  I have asked her to try and get some time off, but she says it would be better if I found another girl to take to these functions.  This surprised me a lot, but she seemed quite at ease with the idea.  Is this normal for Thai girls to do, or does this mean a cooling off in the relationship?  I am more than a little confused.

No Dinner Date

Dear No Dinner Date,

Doesn’t look too good, Petal.  No girl, Thai or otherwise say to go to dinner with someone else on anything that might be a regular basis.  If they do, it is usually a relative or close friend that can be trusted who is selected for you.  However, it could be a test of how strongly you feel towards her.  If you feel it is worthwhile continuing this arrangement, then you will have to put up with going to functions on your own.  If you are unsure, then it might be time to try another shopping center, Petal.