Deposit problems


Dear Hillary,

I will be moving into an apartment block next month, and I have said I will pay six months in advance.  I thought that was a pretty good deal for the owner and would show I am serious about the place.  I’ve been dealing through an agent and now she says that it isn’t six months in advance I gave her, it’s only four months as they keep two months as a deposit.  Isn’t it enough of a security that I was putting up six months in advance.  Is this usual?



Dear Jack,

I am not a real estate broker, but in Pattaya the “usual” is 12 months rental (not six months) and two months deposit, returned after you vacate and with all utilities being paid and any damages repaired.  You can’t say to take the deposit out of the rental.  It is on top, Petal.  Does that explain it all for you?  I hope so!