A pension and a stale bottle of beer


Dear Hillary,

I am thinking of retiring in Thailand and Pattaya in particular (I’m now 64) as I always enjoy myself when over there.  It certainly is “fun city” where an older senior can feel that he still has a part to play in the society.  What worries me is I see fellers my age sitting outside the local 7-Eleven nursing a hot bottle of beer, and that’s at 9 in the morning!  Is that what the future would be for me too?


Dear Clarence,

No, that is not your future, my Petal.  You are much too savvy for that.  To be able to live successfully in Pattaya, you should aim to live at the standard you live at in the US (I’ve guessed that you are from there, but the advice is just the same, no matter where you came from).  Join some of the clubs that are here in Pattaya, with service clubs, special interest groups like Bridge or computers, and become an upright member the Pattaya society, then you won’t have time for the local 7-Eleven club!

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