The customer is always right?


Dear Hillary,

I am hot on the cold trail of a “good” Thai woman. I’ve done the bar girl thing. I’ve been ripped off by sideline girls. I’ve been to chamber meetings and have had business cards stuffed in my hands from very polished women only interested in selling you a chunk of real estate dirt, which we can’t own anyway, otherwise it’s condo after condo but none are interested in setting up home with the customer (me). About all that’s left are grannies. Where now, Wonder Woman?

Wondering Will

Dear No Wonder Will,

What have I got here? Another randy expat who expects any pretty girl he meets is ready to leap into bed, after saying thanks to Buddha for sending such a catch. Will, my Petal, what you have to remember is that where there’s a will, there’s a won’t. If you don’t want to be eaten by lions, don’t go into the lion’s den. If you don’t want to be pestered by RE girls with a fistful of business cards, don’t go there. You complain about being ripped off, don’t you think Thai girls are suspicious of ex-pats? With good reason to. It’s not all one way, you know. However, for you with the will, keep attending ex-pat meetings and just be “normal”. Wait for some chemistry to happen, not just exchanging business cards.