Are you ready for a faux classic?

A faux classic.
A faux classic.

Word from the UK, where Mike Day informed me that moves are afoot to produce “new” classics, using the 1950’s Bentley /RR chassis. These new classics will be on offer for around 350,000 STG, and it is planned to build 24 of them. As Mike Day points out, “Sadly this requires 24 original saloons to lose their 60 year old coachwork, some of which may be the elegant Silver Dawn version, of which most went to the USA.

Mike fears a cull of aging dignified post war creations in order to fulfill this need (greed?) for this new Faux Flyer, which demands original underpinnings.

This particular car was built in Australia on a Bentley/RR chassis, but for me it is evocative of the Bugatti Atalante with the rib running over the roof and down to the tail.

But if they are going to cull aging dignified post war creations, perhaps I should be careful where I tread.