Champagne on the beach?


Dear Hillary,

This is it.  I am getting very close to popping the question, but where should I go to do it?  A fancy restaurant is the usual place I suppose, but I don’t want her to think that after she says “yes” her life will be one long round of fancy restaurants.  The budget doesn’t go that far.  On the beach, with sand between the toes and a tropical sunset?  That might do.  What do you think Hillary?


Dear Jason,

I don’t think the beach is such a good option, Petal.  Interruptions every two minutes from battered prawn sellers, ice cream offerings and a windmill on a stick will certainly dampen the romance.  Give me a fancy restaurant every day (one that sells French champagne), and I think you should just take her there, saying that you have some special news to tell her, so you are taking her to a special place.  She will know that it must really be important for you to unlock your money belt!  All the best, but if she says “no” I’ll pop over and help you with the champers.

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