Beer bars for paragons of virtue


Dear Hillary,

Why does life have to be so complicated? I’m in my 50’s and divorced for 15 years. Gave up dating American women as they only want to know what size house you live in, what kind of car you have, what is your salary and any dependent children, and will you get along with her mother and will you put her children through school? So much baggage being dragged behind them that it is no wonder every man wants a pre-nup and every woman has the telephone number of a divorce lawyer in her handbag. And my buddies in the US wonder why I’m never going back! Give me Thailand and the beer bars any day.


Dear Brad,

You certainly paint a gloomy picture, Petal, but I have to ask how long have you been here? The young lovelies in the beer bars all have mothers in the village who chew betel nut and smile showing their black teeth (and you thought it was poor dental hygiene). From the first lady drink you buy them, they are sizing up your financial situation. Before any of the lovelies goes further with you they will have sized up your living quarters, and have a good idea of your salary which they worked out from your bank slips which you left around. Sure they clean and tidy without being asked but also photo any evidence. And baggage? The two children up country being looked after by Mrs Betel Nut will become your responsibility when Mrs Betel Nut asks for more money to look after them. Things are more expensive every month, even in the village. The woman you are looking for isn’t found in the beer bars, my Petal. You are fooling yourself.