Are Thai girls romantic?


Dear Hillary,

Hi, I have been living in Thailand an average total of five months per year for the past 15 years and have had quite a few “Mia Noi” for various lengths of time over the years.  Furthermore, I also managed a popular open bar belongign (sic) to a friend of mine while he was in the hospital for a few months, and I can speak Thai fairly fluently.  I can therefore assure you in full knoledge (sic) that Thai women (even those working in bars) are essentially very ROMANTIC, and generally speaking even more so than your average European, or U.S.A. so called “liberated” females.  Sure Bar Girls are first and foremost interested in earning money but are also very sensitive to small attentions, and/or gift.  As for gold, it is for them a perfect combinaison (sic) of the two: Money AND Romantic attention (even if that bracelet, chain or whatever may often end up fairly rapidly pawned or sold)!!!  Happy New Year to all.


Dear Keoni,

I am delighted to read that you can speak Thai “fairly fluently” with your 15 years of part-time experience, but that appears to have diminished your ability with your native language.  Unless of course, your native language is Bahasa Melayu.  I have to commend you, however, as “knoledge” isn’t a bad attempt, I suppose, and likewise with “combinaison”.  I also liked the fact that you pointed out that Thai females are still romantic, even on the way down to the gold shop to trade the gift of love for something more practical, like money.