Anyone have a spare nubile carer?


Dear Hillary,

I was interested in your response to the British chap who had found to his surprise that he was a traveling ATM, and not a soul partner, to the ladies who came for breakfast and stayed.  You were quite correct Hillary, that he was in the wrong end of the market, when looking for a lady to look after him in his old age.  But here’s the essence of the problem – he is in his dotage, getting close to cashing in his chips, while the ready market of nubiles is just starting off on life’s journey, and playing the part of carer is not exciting, but can be done for a fee.  Don’t pay the monthly salary on time and they are out the door, as he has found out.  The answer for these old chaps is to stop looking in the commercial area of “One more beer?” and go looking for an older woman to be a friend and carer.  Do you agree with me?



Dear Ron,

You are correct, My Petal, but while the concept of an older carer makes all the sense in the world, you will also take away an elderly man’s last hopes and make him face the unpleasant side of getting older.  He really isn’t a “sexy man” any more.