Anyone for Esperanto?


Dear Hillary,

Re: Left out of the lingo (PM Friday, 8 February 2013) – I can’t resist to post a comment an incident I found funny just a few nights ago.  (History) My wife spoke no English when I took her to the U.S.  2 years of school there and she has done well.  (Present time in Thailand) We were at one of my favorite watering holes, the waitress spoke to my wife in English, and my wife replied in English.  I interrupted in Thai, asking why are you two speaking in English when you are both Thai.  They both at first looked puzzled then we all laughed.  However I find farangs speaking Thai a fair bit over the 33 years I have been around and it is not as well accepted as it was back then, sometimes even an annoyance to Thais in Pattaya.  But now we are talking about second, and even third generations growing up, living and working here.  Never with my Thai family but have noticed between girlfriends times they make an effort to talk around me.

Dill Pickles

Dear Dill (pickled or otherwise),

Many farangs really have a cheek.  They come to Thailand and get upset when people speak Thai around them.  Congratulations Dill, you have taken the time to speak Thai, and your wife has taken the time to learn English.  Tell your friends to do the same!