Agony Aunt caught speeding!


Dear Hillary,

Re: Can Hillary get his car back? (PM Friday, 08 February 2013) – Oh come on Hillary, corruption flourishes here not because it is an “Asian thing” but because you allow it and it is out of control.  Next time a cop catches you speeding, take the ticket.  And if he presses you for money, report him.  And lobby your politicians to pay a living wage to the cops.

Honest Joe

Dear Honest Joe,

If I get caught speeding, I will certainly take the ticket!  I’ll take it straight to the Guinness Book of Records, applying for recognition as the fastest foot runner in the world!  And I’ll be the one pressing for money, not the policeman.  Joe, corruption isn’t just a “Thai” thing, it’s a world-wide thing.  And do you think you could change the attitude of policemen to a little baksheesh on the side by increasing their salary.  Come on Joe!