Another first timer


Dear Hillary,

A friend of mine from the UK has come over here and has fallen in love with the first girl he met.  It may be love at first sight, but how many others have done the same thing and ended up broken hearted and fresh out of money?  How do I get him to see sense, as he has a wife and children in the UK that he is prepared to run away from.


Dear Charlie,

Love at first sight, or love at first bite?  Not much you can do, Petal.  He is an adult, and although it looks as if he is ready to do the proverbial runner, the Child Support Agency in the UK may have other plans for him, thereby cutting down the money he has to spend over here.  That in turn might make the bar lady less enthusiastic.  Remember “No money – No Honey” is the rule of the game.  If that doesn’t work, refer him to Jimbo in the letter above yours.