Another failure in the guide books


Dear Hillary,

You’ve told everyone about the books they should read when they come here on holidays, or even before they get here, but they still fall over like nine pins.  What is the Thai girls’ secret?  Or what is the reason these guys lose their brains and give everything to some girl who is only pretending to be interested in them?  One chap I know has been taken in three times already and he’s only been here six months.  Three cars, three houses and all the other extras, and even the family buffalo got in on the act.  Thailand is a great place, but I only recommend coming over to my more mature friends.  It is too dangerous for the younger ones.


Dear Gerald,

You can’t live other people’s lives for them, my Petal.  There are plenty of “mature” farangs who have been swayed by the youngsters from the beer bars, complete with the pauper parents in poor health and buffaloes on a bummer and in need of intensive care and burial.  The problem is not so much the girls in Thailand but the society these men come from.  “Kid in the candy shop” describes their actions while they are here, as they cannot find such freedom in their own countries, or with their own countrywomen.  It’s sad, but finally everyone has their own destiny, and neither you nor I can change that.  Just be there to catch your mature friends if they fall.


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