A frustrated 22 year old!


Dear Hillary,

I’m still trying to work out what’s going down in my local shopping center.  There’s these two babes who are always there every afternoon and I’m on chatting terms with them.  I sort of suggest that maybe we could go and have a good time together and they don’t say no, but they don’t say yes either.  I’ve told them that I’m good for the pair of them (I’m a very fit 22 year old) and they make jokes about that too.  I’m getting frustrated with all this teasing, so how do I know what they really mean?  After all they are in the center at any time, so they can’t be holding down jobs.

Frustrated Freddie

Dear Frustrated Freddie,

The answer is staring you in the face, young 22 year old testosterone-fuelled Freddie.  They are certainly teasing you.  They have no intention of going anywhere with you, no matter how virile you think you are.  Have you stopped to think that perhaps both of them have boyfriends which sponsor them from overseas.  I have always found that young men rate themselves far too highly.  They don’t need your 22 year old ego, or the miserable amount you would be prepared to offer them (as you believe they are going to swoon at the thought of all that sex drive parceled in one muscle rippled body).  You did use the correct word in your email when you mentioned “all this teasing.”  Move to another shopping center, my Petal.