An ATM no more


Dear Hillary,

I have come to the sad conclusion that all the women in Thailand are on the make.  Every last one seems to have her hand into your wallet within days of going into a live-in relationship.  At first it was money to buy groceries, and I thought that was great, looking after me.  But then the grocery bill seemed to be going up all the time and the amount of food was getting smaller.  Then it was some to send to Mama, school fees (in a village school?) for her children being looked after by Mama, it just went on and on.  That ended that one.  Then the next one was the same, and the one after that.  Is there one honest woman in Thailand looking for a partner and not an ATM?

Enough is Enough

Dear Enough is Enough,

Is there an honest woman in Thailand?  Of course there are plenty of them my Petal.  Look at the letter above yours.  “Easy” women who enter live-in relationships will generally turn out to be very hard to live with.  You are looking in the wrong places.