A Happy Camper


Dear Hillary,

As a widower I went looking for a partner in my home country.  All the ladies were more interested in what kind of car I drove, how much money I made per year and on and on.  They were not interested in anything else.

With much misgiving I started looking in other countries.  The dating services did not manage to find anyone near my requirements, but then I hit the jackpot and met a great lady who was 50 at the time, never been married, and ran a small corner shop.

Now after 10 years I do not regret anything.  She has been a wonderful partner.  Yes, there were cultural differences to overcome and yes I married the whole family.  So we send some money to her mother, not a lot and it is a small price to pay for my own personal happiness.

Despite all the doom and gloom letters you get, this is just to show there is another side.  I am sure my experience is not unique.


Dear Craig,

I am very glad to read of your finding the ‘right’ person for you.  You obviously went looking in the right places and not the ‘easy’ places, which is where so many men on the mission go wrong.  As I have said many times, you don’t go looking in a hardware shop for a round of cheese.