An alien in a foreign land


Dear Hillary,

I know you are all things to all farangs (mainly men) so in desperation I thought I’d run this dilemma past you. I’m living in a Thai run, mismanaged and badly neglected condo complex; the 20-year old building is in a squalid condition: lifts keep breaking down, the building has been totally blacked out twice in the last 2 weeks, and if tiles come off the corridor floors they’re just left there. The only thing the management is interested in is screwing as much money out of helpless residents as they can. (They threaten to cut off your water and electric if you don’t pay up.)

What I’d like to know Hillary, is there a relevant government department that I can report these people to? By email please. Something needs to be done before the building collapses or sets on fire.



Dear Desperate,

How long have you lived in Thailand? You already know all the answers to your questions. You wrote “Thai run” and you want to know which relevant government department you should report them to. That’s a Thai government department, correct? You can report this to local government, central government or the government of San Salvador. You will get the same immediate action. There’s only one piece of advice I can give you – leave and move somewhere else.

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