Am I an ATM?


Dear Hillary,

One of the women at work told me she needed some money as deposit for a unit close to work.  It wasn’t much, only 4,500 baht, so I gave her 5,000 baht.  I didn’t expect it back.  Just a gift and I forgot about it after she said she had moved in to her new place.  About a couple of months later she left the job, but came back to see me as she was waiting to be paid and was behind in the rent, so I stumped up for another 1,500 baht.  Am I being played for a sucker?


Dear Wally,

Wally the wallet, you have certainly been a soft touch, my Petal.  There’s no secret in what to do here, and you know it already.  Just say “No”.  You can do it nicely, by saying you are a bit short this month yourself, and that’s all.  She will find someone else, just the same way as she found you!  But learn something from it.  OK?  Charity may start at home – but that’s at your home, not hers.

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