A warm and fuzzy chocolate problem


Dear Hillary,

I have noticed that you do spend much of your weekly columns appealing to your worried clients to send you champagne and chocolates.  Do you think this is fair?  These people have problems and you dismiss them with a “send chocolates and champagne” answer.  What is it with you and the chocolates anyway?  Are you envious of us young folk and need a warm comforter?

Not a chocaholic

Dear Not a chocaholic,

You young people are all the same these days – so sure you have the world by the tail and wanting an answer for everything.  Some things are just written in the stars, my Petal.  Nothing to do with age at all.  I suppose you also want to know why the earth is round, when the simple answer is just because it is!  Likewise with me and my chocolates.  Now, for having read your letter, that’s one chocolate bar.  For replying to it that’s another.  Remember that not everyone is like you, my little enquirer.  I had a lovely man who wanted to build me an Amari Hotel in the front garden of my townhouse who dropped in a beautiful bottle of French wine the other day.  Thanks but next time bring one with bubbles!  He knows what life’s about, Petal!  You’ll get there too – eventually!