A computer geek?


Dear Hillary,

I’ve met this woman in a city shopping center and she is obviously very interested in me, keeps touching me and the like.  I’m from the UK and I’ve told her that I’m married already to a Thai lady but now she says she wants to be my geek.  I’m not really into computers, so she can’t help me there.  She doesn’t even seem like the type to be all that computer literate either to be into the geek world.  Am I getting the message wrong, or what?  I don’t want to embarrass myself here.  I don’t want her to be embarrassed either.  What do I do here?


Dear Rod,

You certainly are getting the message wrong here, my Petal.  What this woman is telling you is that she wants to be your “gik”, which is a Thai slang word for a “bit on the side” as you would say in the UK.  So if your marriage is important, I suggest you give your gik a goodbye kiss and high tail it out of that shopping center!  The association with her will not be to your advantage.