Tropical storm Podul causes floods in North, Northeast


Bangkok – Tropical storm Podul has made landfall on northern and northeastern Thailand, and many houses, roads and farms and roads have been hit by flash floods and forest runoffs. Government units have now been deployed to assist people in flooded areas.

The tropical storm and continuous heavy rain had caused the water levels in Phon Thong district of Roi Et province and Kuchinarai and Khao Wong districts of Kalasin province to rise significantly. As a result, a water barrier in Selaphum district, Roi Et province, was breached, causing floods in many residential and agricultural areas. More than 10,000 rai of rice farms have been inundated.

The province of Phetchabun has also been affected by the influence of tropical storm. Heavy rain and forest runoffs have affected many communities, houses and farm areas. Rescue teams have distributed survival kits and basic necessities to flood-hit villagers.

Landslides triggered by heavy rain were reported in many areas of the northern province of Nan. In Na Noi district, landslides had caused damage to 14 houses, four of which were heavily damaged. A road in Santha subdistrict was impassable, and a group of villagers had to use basic tools to remove the debris. With 12 hours of accumulated rainfall, the water level had exceeded 100 millimeters. Water from various sources had overflowed to flood numerous houses and farmland.

Officials from the Royal Irrigation Department visited people living near reservoirs, notifying them to be prepared for potential floods and move their belongings to higher ground. The officials had prepared water pumps and other equipment to cope with the water situation around the clock.

A team of royal irrigation officials in Chiang Mai province closely monitored the water level of the Mae Chaem River, after the storm caused forest runoffs to flood many areas of Mae Chaem district.

Doi Suthep–Pui National Park in Chiang Mai announced that the Mae Sa and Tat Mok waterfalls are temporarily closed to visitors for safety reasons. Monthathan, Huay Kaew and Mork Fa waterfalls remain open to visitors, but they are prohibited from engaging in activities near the waterfalls as a precautionary measure.