Sriracha welder arrested for Laem Chabang gold theft

Warunsawan Maklum re-enacts the crime for police and witnesses.

Sriracha police arrested a local welder for allegedly robbing a Laem Chabang jewelry shop at gunpoint, making off with nearly a million baht in gold.

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Warunsawan Maklum, 33, was apprehended in Rayong Nov. 25 after he was tracked from a shopping mall in Sriracha’s Tung Sukala Subdistrict to Klong Tom Market near Pattaya and back to his home near the mall.

Warunsawan made off with approximately 950,000 baht worth of gold.

Police said Warunsawan admitted to the robbery of 33 thin gold chains weighing a total 8.25 baht-weight of gold, worth approximately 950,000 baht.

The suspect told police he did the robbery after fighting with his wife about the family’s money problems.

He was charged with possession of a gun, robbery, and using a vehicle to escape.

Police kept the clothes worn in the armed robbery, two fake guns, and a red Yamaha Spark Nano (not shown).


Under close police supervision, armed robber Warunsawan Maklum takes aim with his confession.