Tavern – by the Sea and its 7 Days Hunger Buster


As many pub/restaurants in Pattaya have found out, there is more to success than numerous TV sets dotted around the walls, and some cut-price specials. So when the Amari invited us to sample their seven day menu at their Tavern by the Sea we were a little intrigued as how this could be done.


The Amari’s Tavern by the Sea is well established these days and is at the opposite end of Beach Road from Walking Street, and you will easily find it having come from the Dolphin Roundabout, passing the Amari main entrance and the Mantra restaurant, and after turning into Beach Road is about 50 meters along Beach Road on your left, and you cannot miss it. Park in the Amari grounds in secure parking lots.

The Tavern by the Sea is set up as a true sports pub with the very large screen a central point with comfortable sofas in which to lounge. Dotted around the venue are 15 other TV’s so you should be able to find your particular sport’s coverage. As well as the central sofas there is a horseshoe bar at one end and at the other there are booths which work very well with families or groups of up to six.

At the front of the building there is an al fresco garden section with chairs and tables and an area for setting out buffet items.

Your beef comes to the table.
Your beef comes to the table.

On Friday evenings from 6.30 p.m. until 10 p.m. the Tavern has its Churrasco BBQ. Churrasco is probably not a cuisine that comes readily to mind, but if you come from South America you will know it is beef, chicken, pork and prawn skewered and barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire. The origin of the name itself is South American Spanish from Spanish dialect churrascar ‘to burn’. But no, The Tavern doesn’t burn their steaks!

The true Churrasco options are many, with the staff coming round with skewers with different meats and large prawns to add to your selections from the buffet. The method is to grasp your meat with the supplied tongs as the staff slice it from the skewer. All very simple and all good fun. I firmly believe that food should be fun as well as sustenance. At B. 749 for the Friday Churrasco nights, which is an all you can eat deal, this is an excellent value for money.

The Tavern found the different daily menu concept was very popular, and with new Executive Chef Shaun Venter at the helm, the Tavern offers seven different ‘Hunger Buster’ specials (in addition to the a la carte menu). Not only is the food on special, but there are also beverage specials each day, with Monday’s Tex-Mex being Mojitos at B. 99 a glass or B. 299 a jug to go with where you buy one and get one free.

A medley of Indian dishes.
A medley of Indian dishes.

Come Tuesday and it is Steak night with wine at B. 109 per glass. Wednesday is the Thai night with three different Thai dishes to be washed down with B. 99 Mai Tais. Thursday is an Indian curry at B. 349 and a buy one get one beverage offer. Friday is the Churrasco night and the beverage is beer, with towers being the order of the day and a free jug with the tower. Saturday is Burgers all day with an Oriental “Broody Maly” at B. 170 a glass. Sunday is traditional roasts (B. 390) from noon till four and 20 percent off selected ciders.

So how did we do it? Shaun Venter had other nights’ specials cooked for us to sample (the kitchen staff were probably muttering) in addition to the Churrasco!

I was delighted to see Khao Soi on the menu in the Thai night, and we were very impressed with the food. I wrote in the notes “quality food at bargain prices.”

The sporting flavor inside the Tavern.
The sporting flavor inside the Tavern.

We can heartily recommend The Tavern, and the Hunger Busters were great fun and value.

Tavern by the Sea, Amari Orchid, Pattaya Beach Road, open seven days 11 a.m. (for breakfast or early lunch) until 1 a.m., secure car parking within the Amari grounds between the Tavern by the Sea and the Mantra restaurant, telephone 038 418 419, web www.amari.com.