On a clear day you can see Alcatraz


One of Pattaya’s more amazing properties is the Sheraton Pattaya Resort.  Perched on the side of a mountain (or big hill at least) it goes all the way from the lobby at the top to the beach at the bottom.  In between are villas and pools and three restaurants, a fact which Dining Out team appreciated when we went to review their Infiniti restaurant.

We went to the Infiniti to watch the spectacular sunsets, but the weather god was not cooperating.  A solid grey sky, patchy rain and increasing wind was not what we had wanted (the photo was taken at another time).  However, with two other Sheraton restaurants, we decided to leave Infiniti and descended to the Latitude outlet on beach level, where we watched the force three gale in complete comfort.

The service staff made the transition easy, and are some of the most welcoming in Pattaya, emanating a very genuine warmth to make the diners feel they are someone special.

Infiniti sunset.Infiniti sunset.

And talking of someone special, the Executive Chef (or other fancy title) at the Sheraton is the (very) tall British chap Spencer Kells.  Spencer is one of the more imaginative chefs in Pattaya, and his July 4th wine dinner was just sensational.

We chose a bottle of an Australian Pinot Noir (Yering) and this was inexpensive, but good quaffing, while we chatted.  Chef Spencer made the choices easy for us by selecting four starters and four mains, with most being ‘signature’ dishes for Infiniti.

Spencer Kells.Spencer Kells.

We began with a Tuna Tartar, with avocado, crispy wontons, and seared prawns (B. 420) all of which made for a very interesting dish and was universally popular.  Teamed with the tuna was another seafood derived appetizer, a Creamy Crab Cake (B. 460), with semi dried tomato crumb, edamame beans, and Sriracha mayo.  This was notable in the fact that it retained its ‘crab’ taste, hinting for more, as a good appetizer should.

Our third appetizer was a Poached Rock Lobster Salad with avocado, tomato, olives, scallions, and ranch dressing (B. 420).  It was obvious by now that Chef Spencer likes avocado, and so do I.  I really enjoyed this dish.

The final appetizer was a Smoked Duck Salad with brie cheese beignets, caramelized walnuts, and honey mustard vinaigrette (B. 410).  Madame, who likes duck voted this one tops.

After a suitable breather, we were served four mains, which again we shared to broaden our experience of the Infiniti food.

For me, there was one stand-out dish in our mains and I will mention it first.  This was a Roasted Butterfish (B. 750) with rock lobster, beetroot puree, and an orange and fennel salad.  Talking with Chef Spencer afterwards, in some ways the butterfish reminded me of a snowfish, though he also said that it could be compared with black cod as well.  Whatever, this was a superb main course, and my choice for the evening.

The Infiniti does have its own range of wood-fired pizzas and we tried the Seasonal Mushroom (B. 370), with mascarpone, rocket, white truffle oil.  I needed a little ground pepper on my slices, which was instantly supplied.  Top service again!

Top service again.Top service again.

The third main was a twice Cooked Pork Belly (B. 780), with seared scallops, sweet potato puree, and citrus sauce.  Great mixture of tastes and textures here.

The final main was Char Grilled Lamb Cutlets (B. 1100), with fava beans, garden peas, artichokes, asparagus, fresh mint, in lamb jus.  Very tender and very good.

And yes, we were offered desserts, which though very nice, there was no room for them for me personally, though Madame enjoyed hers as usual!

It was a great evening.  Being in a five star resort with the appointments, venue and service all being at the top of the scale does mean it is not going to be a cheap night out.  However, like all good things in life, you have to be prepared to pay for the best.  Highest recommendation possible.

Sheraton Pattaya Resort, 437 Pratamnak Road, Pattaya, telephone 038 259 888, fax 038 259 899, open seven days 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.  Secure valet parking (and buggies to get you up and down to the restaurant).