Are you listening Mr. Mayor?



Re: Improve tourist safety (PM Mailbag Friday, 23 August 2013) – It would be nice to get an answer from the mayor’s office or the police themselves to explain why they allow this dangerous practice to continue. Tourism is vital to Pattaya’s economy so surely the safety of tourists should be a priority, (and) these arrogant motorbike riders are a real threat to pedestrians.

On another subject two Chinese tourists were killed on a speedboat returning from Koh Larn this week; why are there not speed limits place on these boats when they get within 500 meters from shore, or perhaps as a guide when they reach the line of barges? A six knot limit close to shore would avoid many accidents. How many more tourists must be killed or injured before action is taken? Perhaps jet skis should have the same limit 100 meters from shore.

David Herd