Jomtien Boathouse Hotel, Bar and Grill


How does a restaurant become legendary?  As far as I can see, you start more than 10 years ago, have the right formula, maintain the highest standards, give people what they want, and keep your finger on the pulse.  The Jomtien Boathouse Hotel, Bar and Grill has done just that, and the Dining Out Team having been present for the opening, plus several reviews over the years, I believe we are in the best position to say that this restaurant has become legendary.

Very easy to find, the Boathouse is on Jomtien Beach Road on the corner of Soi 8.  Plenty of parking on both sides of Beach Road, so no problems there either.

Elvis has not left the building.

The restaurant is on ground level, below the Boathouse Hotel (which has 24 guest rooms), and is in two sections.  An outer (street-side) but covered area with a sit-up bar at one end, and an inner section which can be closed off and contains the stage for the Boathouse Elvis Arthur who entertains every Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings.

Tables and chairs tend towards the ‘rustic’ but are comfortable enough.

The menu has retained the photographic display, making choice so much easier.  Many restaurateurs forget that not everyone speaks English, and with Danish management you will often hear the ‘dulcet’ tones of Denmark.

Thin and crispy pizza Napoli.

The menu begins with a current Prawn promotion at B. 265 with six choices of how you want your prawns to be done.  This is followed by Appetizers (B. 100-195) which includes items such as Chicken in a basket and Fried Mussels at the top end.  Starters are (B. 190-230) with Salmon top of the list.

The next section is labeled “Dinners” with most under B. 400, followed by a page of Brochettes (B. 350-495).  On our previous review I mentioned that these were not really skewers, but were more like swords.  It is the same today, with the Surf and Turf looking very inviting.

With the strong Scandinavian connection there are some dedicated Scandinavian dishes, and of course there are all the Thai favorites as well (B. 160-395), so Thai partners are also catered for.

Pork chop got Junior’s high marks.

The menu does not end there either, with Tapas (chicken, shrimp, salmon) and pizzas as well (thin and crispy style).

And so the children do not feel left out, there are Children’s meals as well, followed by Daytime sandwiches and burgers, making this restaurant close to catering for everyone including families.

Wines are inexpensive with house wine B. 135 per glass and bottle around B. 1,000, with Hardy’s Stamp Grenache Rose B. 950, for example.

Madame ordered a Pizza Napoli, the one laced with anchovies, which suited her palate, and I ordered a Beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes and beetroot.

The Dining Out Team included two junior tasters who demolished a pork chop and a spaghetti.  Given highest marks by them.

For Madame, she enthused over the thin and crispy style, allowing the diner to fully taste the ingredients.  For me, the stroganoff was full of tender meat and a more than adequate portion size.  I looked back in my tasting notes and found I ordered the stroganoff  last time, and the time before as well.  I enjoyed it!  No room for desserts from any member of the team.

The Jomtien Boathouse, Hotel, Wine and Grill; Jomtien Beach Road (corner Soi 8), telephone 038 756 698, fax 038 756 144, email [email protected], website  Open seven days, 8 a.m. until 12 midnight.  Breakfast from 8 a.m., lunch 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. and dinner from 6 p.m. until late.  Entertainment by “Elvis” on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and booking is recommended as Elvis is very popular.  Plenty of on street parking.