With the name of Froggy’s, this could only be a French restaurant, and frog legs would have to be on the menu.  And they are!  And the rest of the experience was also undoubtedly French!

Froggy’s has only been open six months, so many people will not be aware of the location.  From Pattaya Klang, turn into Soi Paniad Chang (AKA Soi Yume) as if to go to the old Carrefour (now Big C Extra) and continue on for 1.4 km and Froggy’s neon sign is on the left at the corner of Soi 2 Paniad Chang.  The restaurant has a vacant lot beside it where you can park your vehicle.  The name of the soi is interesting, as Yume was originally a ‘member club’ at the mouth of the soi.  After they ran out of members, the street was named after the elephant kraal (Paniad Chang).  So now you know.

The restaurant is in two sections, an outer airy section, and an inner air-conditioned area.  As we went in the middle of the day, we decided on the outer section and read the menu.

Froggy’s is owned and run by Gilles, a French chef who just enjoys interacting with his customers.  Some chefs are not good front of house – but Gilles is perfect, whether it be explaining the menu, or just having fun, he is the perfect host.  His experience is world-wide, having left his native France in 1982, and has used his culinary skills as his passport to the best kitchens.

In Froggy’s, in typical French manner, there are blackboard menus, and there are separate ones in English (the originals are in French).  There are also smaller menus with items such as the frog legs, done in four different ways.  You will not mistake Froggy’s for anything other than what it is – a French bistro.

The blackboard menu is quite extensive, but you will see that the prices are not expensive.  For example, Madame’s choice of the duck leg confit was B. 190, or my main course choice that was the pork in a cream and mushroom sauce, which was only B. 180.

During our meal we drank the house wine, white and red, both eminently quaffable even though Gilles somewhat apologetically admitted that they were Italian.  He was also running a special on some Australian wines which were all around B. 750 a bottle, for well known labels.  Beers were B. 60-70, wine by the glass B. 70 or Pastis also B. 70.

Other appetizer items on the menu included stuffed tomatoes with tuna mayonnaise (B. 110), chicken liver salad with croutons and onions (B. 130).  Mains included a chicken Basquaise, garnished (B. 170), beef Bourguinon (B. 180) and a seafood medley vol au vont in a white wine sauce (B. 190).  The menu also includes lunch specials, weekly specials and a monthly ‘degustation’ special.  You will not get bored at Froggy’s.

There is also a separate desserts menu, again very reasonably priced, but we were too full after an appetizer and a main to try, but a Limoncello/orange was a wonderful finale!

We enjoyed ourselves at Froggy’s.  It really is a French bistro-styled restaurant.  Laid back, with enjoyable food and very reasonably priced.  It is not haute cuisine and does not pretend to be so.  French home cooking style, with some interesting tastes, such as the dressing with the potato terrine.  Based on a vinaigrette, but with a slightly spicy addition to make it piquant and it just lifts the humble terrine to new heights.

Froggy’s is inexpensive, the food is good with good average serving sizes.  This makes it a very good extra choice for dining out on a budget, or even family dinners.  Definitely well worth exploring Soi Paniad Chang for lunch or dinner.  Do try.  You will not regret it.  The Thai menu is under the eye of a qualified Thai chef, and I am told the food is also excellent, though we did not try the Thai when we did the review.

Froggy’s restaurant, Paniad Chang 2, North Pattaya, telephone 086 150 3481, www., lunch 11.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m., dinner 6.30 p.m. until 9.30 p.m.  Parking in the vacant lot next door.