Sleepless Nights


If you were to visit the Camillian Social Centre in Bang Chang, you will meet Father Peter, Paul, Nico and many other helpers who spend their day taking care of children from the age of 2 to 18, and, in addition, some older residents who are too weak to leave their beds.

The first thing that is evident to visitors is that everyone is happy and smiling. The children are very trusting and, freely, show their affection towards visitors to the centre.

Tony has made a new friend.Tony has made a new friend.

Most of the children attend local schools and are, naturally, studying hard to attain high marks. But the residents at Camillian are no different to every one of us, looking forward to waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day, following a peaceful, restful sleep. A good mattress is so important to aid a good sleep and posture but, finances have not allowed these to be replaced for many years and they have become hard and uncomfortable. A recipe for sleepless nights.

Pattaya Sports Club helped to solve the problem and new mattresses were purchased. It is no longer, ‘Sleepless in Bang Chang’. Perhaps a good title for a movie.

The one problem voiced by Father Peter is that the children are so comfortable, they do not want to rise and leave their beds in the mornings. A good problem to have perhaps.

The children say thank you PSC.The children say thank you PSC.

William and Tony are shown a new mattress.William and Tony are shown a new mattress.

The boards showing the children’s birthdays.The boards showing the children’s birthdays.

All the children signed a ‘thank you’ card.All the children signed a ‘thank you’ card.