Four courses at Holiday Inn Pattaya

Burrata cheese with corn relish, garlic chips and roasted chili vinaigrette.

Everybody is feeling the pinch, but the Holiday Inn Pattaya has reversed the trend with an amazing four course dinner and wine for less than 1,000 baht. Yes, that isn’t a misprint – four courses and wine for THB 1,000.

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Following the invitation from F&B guru Daniel Boswell, the Dining Out Team of three presented ourselves at the Holiday Inn’s Havana Bar, which I have to admit is one of my favorite restaurants. The Four Course offer can be in the Terrazzo or the Havana, depending upon the weather.

The cheese plate had three different cheeses.

The house wines are eminently drinkable so we had a glass of their white while mulling over the choices in the Four Course Dining Experience.

The individual courses have choices within them and there being three packages covering food and wine, so take your time.

The starter showed that some thought had been put into the selection of dishes for the experience, with a Burrata cheese with corn relish, garlic chips and roasted chili vinaigrette, or a seared tuna with a roasted pepper sauce, lemongrass and mint.

We went for the tuna and then the next course was a lobster bisque soup. This was an excellent bisque with brandy, cream and rock lobster. I enjoyed this course very much.

This led to the main course which had three choices for the diners – fish, pork and beef. Being a team of three, we chose different dishes for this main course. My choice was the beef fillet with carrot, onion, Portobello mushroom, fried potato and parsley. My dish of the evening without a doubt. The beef was medium rare as requested and very tender. I have paid more than THB 1,000 in other restaurants for one dish alone, without getting three more courses.

The other members of the Dining out Team also gave high marks to the fish and the pork.

So to the desserts, with again a choice of three dishes, including a chocolate brownie sandwich for the others and a cheese plate for me. Three different cheeses but no blue. (Next time?)

The dessert selection included a chocolate brownie sandwich.

The Holiday Inn Pattaya calls the packages their Four Course Dining Experience and it certainly was a most pleasant dining experience, and at the price no need to rush through the meal. The Food and Wine package is THB 990 ++ (it’s a hotel so has the normal surcharge) or take the Food Only Package at THB 790 (plus plus) and the Wine Package alone (2 hours) is only THB 490 (plus plus). This makes the Holiday Inn’s offer one of the best in Pattaya and with the excellent quality of the food it is very difficult to beat.