Thailand Supreme Court directly gives rulings fair to innocent detained defendants

Court of Justice’s spokesman Suriyan Hongwilai.
Court of Justice’s spokesman Suriyan Hongwilai.

BANGKOK – The Supreme Court started to read its rulings directly to promote justice for detained defendants.
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Court of Justice’s spokesman Suriyan Hongwilai said the direct reading was aimed to end the time-consuming process of the Supreme Court sending its rulings to courts of first instance that would then had their own procedures before the reading.

The whole process for each case could take months and would be unfair for the detained defendants who were proved to be innocent, he said.

Regarding the new practice, Supreme Court’s rulings are read in video conferences with detained defendants. It started yesterday when Supreme Court judges read rulings on narcotic cases to detained defendants in Bangkok and Phitsanulok province. The defendants were acquitted and released right away.

Mr Suriyan said that such video conferences also reduced the risks of detainees’ escape on their ways to courts and the risks of COVID-19 transmission. (TNA)