Sheikhul Islam Office announces COVID-19 measures for mosques in Thailand


The Sheikhul Islam Office of Thailand issued an announcement yesterday, allowing Muslims to attend prayers, but they must strictly follow guidelines against the spread of COVID-19.

According to the announcement, Islamic committee members or public health officers will measure people’s body temperatures before they are allowed to enter mosques, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers are to be placed at the entrance. People are not permitted to perform ablutions inside the premises. Mosques must be cleansed and ventilated before and after each prayer session. Social distancing stickers are placed on the floor to make sure that Muslims stay at least two meters apart while praying. While inside the mosque, people still have to keep a safe distance between each other.

Muslims are advised to perform ablutions at their home and use their own prayer mats. They are encouraged to use hand sanitizers, provided by the mosque, wear protective masks at all times and refrain from touching each other. They can raise their hands and say “salam”. Women and children are not allowed to attend prayers.

Today, provincial Islamic committees and related units discussed further measures to help limit the spread of COVID-19. (NNT)