10 Million Thais may lose jobs due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Kalin Sarasin.
Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Kalin Sarasin.

Over 10 million Thai people could lose their jobs if the Covid-19 pandemic prolongs for another 2-3 months, the Thai Chamber of Commerce says.

Kalin Sarasin, chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, said at a meeting of an advisory committee chaired by Thosaporn Sirisamphand, secretary-general of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) on Tuesday.

He said up to seven million workers had already been laid off so far, and without solid actions the figures would reach 10 million over the next few months.

The NESDC and the private sector groups agreed to set up five sub-committees to study relief measures for businesses. These sub-committees would make their proposals on measures such as financial assistance for SMEs in the next meeting on Monday, Thosaporn said.

The advisory committee consisting of 13 members from the public and private sectors was formed by an order of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha earlier this month to make suggestions about the government’s Covid-19 measures.

The NESDC will compile suggestions and report to the government.

So far, it has asked the government to introduce such measures as exempt corporate income tax for SMEs for two years and lower corporate income tax for other businesses. (TNA)