Thai Prawn Soup


This recipe is not Tom Yum Goong, but is less spicy and suitable for both farang and Thai dinner guests.  Preparation takes three minutes and 10 minutes to cook, so it can be rustled up very quickly.  All ingredients are readily sourced in the local supermarkets.

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Cooking Method

In a food processor (blender) grind herbs, onion and garlic to a fine paste.

Heat the oil in the wok and stir-fry the paste for two minutes, then add 600 ml of boiling water, bring to the boil then turn down the heat and simmer for five minutes.

Now add the spring onion, fish sauce, sugar, salt, soy sauce and the peeled prawns, bring to the boil, stirring continuously.  Add the lightly beaten eggs and stir well and then immediately serve in four soup bowls.