Bacon Prawn Wrap


Wraps are always an interesting way to present food, and great as a pre-dinner appetizer. This recipe is very similar to the famous Angels on Horseback or Devils on Horseback. With the former, you wrap oysters in bacon, and with the latter it is prunes that are wrapped. With oysters, it needs a very strongly flavored variety, otherwise the bacon imparts too much taste, while with prawns, especially tiger prawns, the flavors are complementary. Prawns also do not need to be individually held together with toothpicks.

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Cooking Method

De-vein and then sprinkle the prepared prawns with garlic powder and a little salt and put aside. Cut the bacon rashers into thirds and then wrap each prawn in a piece of bacon.

Arrange on the BBQ or under the griller. Cook the bacon wrapped prawns slowly, turning occasionally to cook through for around six minutes, until bacon is crisp and browned. Serve with tooth picks or satay skewers.